Cervical Cancer Vaccine

  • The process of cervical vaccine injection:
  • Have a cervical smears and HPV testing in mainland hospital before inject the vaccine;
  • Apply Hong Kong-Macau laissez-passer and planning a good trip in advance;
  • Telephone hospitals to make appointment and determine the treatment time;
  • It is best to bring the Mainland inspection report for Hong Kong doctors;
  • After vaccination, it is best to stay in Hong Kong one day, in order to avoid the vaccine adverse reactions can be timely treatment;
  • Make appointment for the next vaccination time passes.

Cervical vaccination Note

  • The vaccination need to be completed within 6 months of 3 injections. The minors vaccination is required to obtain a guardian's consent; to ensure that the stipulated time and from Hong Kong inoculation;
  • Who are allergic and pregnant women should not be vaccinated. It is suggested that not to pregnancy after inject the vaccine within six months. if pregnant after the start of injection, clients should completed after childbirth.

The cervical cancer vaccine reminder:

Please avoiding make appointment in weekend.

Cervical cancer vaccine injection there anything I should know?

  1. The cervical cancer vaccine may have side effects;
  2. Please tell your doctors if you have fever above 37.8 degrees;
  3. Pregnant women should consider HPV vaccination after production;
  4. Cervical cancer vaccine allergies should consult a doctor;
  5. Cervical cancer vaccination age 9-45 years old, the most suitable age is 9-26;
  6. Have too much sexual experience who may HPV carriers, it is recommended to have HPV vaccine injection;
  7. Cervical cancer vaccine protection time is generally about 5 years;
  8. The HPV vaccine should be consulted before we fully understand the relevant information!