The mainlanders who is to allow the use of medical conditions in Hong Kong, means that if you are a mainland people have great confidence in Hong Kong's health and wanted to come to Hong Kong to do a test-tube baby, is entirely possible. But the health care system in Hong Kong and domestic, if you want to go to Hong Kong to do a test-tube babies need to make reservations in advance to make an appointment to public hospitals need about seven months in advance, booking private hospitals need about four months in advance, if I compare a hurry, you can find some in Hong Kong medical institutions on behalf of appointments, these medical institutions have their own doctors in Hong Kong resources, they can as soon as possible to make an appointment to the doctor the next day, and some even can make an appointment to the doctor and arrange to surgery, so older patients IVF, the older the success rate is lower. The earlier, the chances of pregnancy is the higher.

IVF process is what is it?

  1. Marriage certificate. By Hong Kong law, to have assisted reproductive must in Married conditions, so do the IVF.
  2. Apply Hong Kong-Macau laissez-passer and planning a good trip in advance;
  3. Reservation specialist of IVF;
  4. First time to see the doctor, and do the inspection and condition assessment, doctors determine the IVF program. Second time will start IVF treatment.
  5. Stimulation, culture the embryos in the laboratory, at last implantation in the uterus. Totally need around 20 days.

The man need take a semen test, the woman also need to complete some basic checks, such as gynecological examinations, curettage, tubal permeability test, anti-sperm antibodies, liver function and hepatitis B two pairs of semi routine blood analysis and the clotting time and the basis for determination of endocrine hormones (day 3). Without exception, the doctor will establish a medical record for you, and tell you when to start IVF treatment.

General mid-luteal menstrual 21 days to start medication vivo gonadotropin at a low level, medication about eight days menstrual cramps, menstrual 3 to 7 days, start intramuscular drugs promote follicular development, three days after B-ultrasound monitoring of follicle development the case, adjust the dosage, follicle-stimulating the developmental drug application about 10 days, the ovarian follicle, this time guided by B ultrasound transvaginal culdocentesis, remove eggs, in vitro fertilization, culture 3 days after the grant of sperm and ovum develops into an embryo into the uterine cavity bed rest for 2 to 3 hours after transplantation. The suffering of the whole process is very small, and generally did not require hospitalization. The test-tube baby, a cycle takes 20,000 to 35,000 (less than 10,000 RMB).