The issue of IVF success rates is one of the most emotional and complex subjects in Fertility Treatment. While success rates are an important indicator of the performance level of a particular clinic, the numbers themselves can be often be misleading or manipulated.

    Success is entirely individual and relates to you and your partner. Our patients are not numbers on a statistics chart but important and unique human beings with individual issues that need to be addressed.

A successful outcome of Fertility treatment comes down to two factors. The first is your choice of conception method. This is influenced by many factors including your age, the cause of your infertility, how many years you have been trying to have a baby and your ability to produce viable eggs.

The second is obtaining the right treatment from the right clinic.

We are proud to quote our most recent success rates throughout this website but suggest that you consider all the important factors and influences when choosing who to trust with your infertility care.

Most important is

  • The experience and expertise of the clinic
  • The experiences of other patients
  • The overall reputation of the program itself
  • Your own intuitive response to the Doctor and other professionals you communicate with.

Dr Wiwat and his team would be delighted to speak with you by email or phone to discuss your specific needs and answer any questions you may have about our successful outcomes.