aCGH is the latest technology used to diagnose chromsomal abnormalities in embryos. The aCGH technique can analyse all 23 pairs of chromosomes. The technique is very reliable an accurate and increases the success rate of pregnancy through IVF.

aCGH Process

DNA from an embryo biopsy sample and DNA from a normal male reference cell are labelled differentially, using different fluorophores, and hybridized to several thousand probes arrayed on a glass microscope slide. The chromosomal probes represent small regions across each chromosome. The fluorescence intensity of test and reference DNA that bind to each probe is then measured by a laser scanner. The ratio of test and reference DNA reflects the copy number of each chromosome. The information derived from aCGH identifies chromosomally normal embryos that have the best chance of developing into a healthy term baby.

Safe Fertility Center has adopted this new technology for IVF couples in Thailand. This technology is particularly suited for women who suffer from repeated miscarriage and older women with recurrent IVF failure.