IVF (test-tube baby), since the world's first IVF baby was born in 1978, has more than 1 million IVF baby born out. For not naturally pregnant women and other reasons caused infertility, IVF has achieved a great success. Thai IVF has now developed to the third generation technology, this technology is called PGD-embryo pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, is currently the most effective method of sex selection, the accuracy of this method was 99%. Times technical realize that the majority of patients families family gender balance, number of mainland China most patients preferred surgery places.

Why choose Thai IVF

  1. Cost-effective. Thailand's first test-tube baby was born on August 15, 1989, after 20 years of development, the Thai doctor often to overseas academic exchanges learning constantly specializes in technology, the assisted reproductive technology has matured, the success rate of up to 50 % -60%, in the world after the United States. The price, compared to the United States, the cost of only one-third of the United States, so there are more cost-effective.
  2. Legitimacy. IVF technique has been developed for more than 30 years, but in the laws of many countries prohibits sex selection before embryo transfer. Only Thailand and the United States do not have a clear legal provision, and therefore belongs to the legitimacy of embryo sex selection.
  3. Closer. Compared to the distance of the United States, China and Thailand close, you can easily come to Thailand IVF, a period of about a month, not a great deal of distress on the day-to-day life and work time.
  4. The social environment. Bangkok is an international metropolis, the whole of Thailand the English popularity of high. Same time, Thailand is home to many ethnic Chinese and ethnic Chinese, many of the local residents of Thailand will say in English and Chinese, and will not have the language problem. Thailand smiling country "in the world, the hospitality of Thai people, they are happy to help a friend in need of help. Harmonious social atmosphere for patients to maintain a pleasant and relaxed mood can help more conducive to pregnancy.
  5. Low price. Prices in Thailand are only equivalent to the domestic medium-sized cities, and lower than the prices of most major metropolitan areas. Therefore, the relatively low cost of living in Thailand for more cost savings.
  6. Travel shopping. Thailand is a famous tourist country, to Bangkok IVF, incidentally tour attractions in Bangkok and enjoys shopping in this international city.

Thailand commonly technology of IVF

  1. A second-generation IVF technology, Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) Single sperm is injected into the oocytes with a micro-needle tube it insemination technology. This technology can greatly improve the success rate of pregnancy. It is suitable for men with little or poor quality sperm.
  2. Third-generation IVF technology, gene identification before embryo transfer (PGD) Means, take the genetic material of the embryo before embryo transfer analysis, diagnosis embryonic abnormal screening healthy embryo transfer. This technology can prevent transplant embryos of genetic disease, as well as the identification of the role of the embryonic sex. In order to make more accurate test results, generally used in combination with ICSI technology.


  1. Apply for a passport and a tourist visa in Thailand. The entire course of the woman's need to be in Thailand for more than 20 days, while the man just 2-3 days.
  2. Before IVF treatment, patients should keep the mental preparation, and try to relax. Because infertility patients are under the huge ideological pressure, especially once successful, but many factors affect the successful test-tube baby surgery. So patients should be treated in a good state of mind during treatment can work, and do not need to rest in bed all day and not really focusing on one thing, the tension will reduce the success rate of IVF. Second, ready to do a test-tube baby before and do during the test-tube baby, to be active in conjunction with the doctor, the husband should do not drink, do not smoke, and pay attention to the rest.

When is the most appropriate time to go to Thailand

The best time was a few days before of menstruation or the first day of menstruation, because the usual course of treatment will start from the second day of menstruation.

When is the most appropriate time to go to Thailand: reach the hospital 3 days before menstruation.

Physical examination:

(1) basic physical examination; (2) blood typing; (3) blood analysis; (4) hemoglobin electrophoresis; (5) HIV antibody testing; (6) syphilis; (7) hepatitis B test; (8) rubella virus antibody IgG; (9) Pap smear; (10) pelvic examination; (11) vaginal Ultrasonic; (12) semen analysis.

Processes of IVF

  1. obstetrics and gynecology and assisted fertility doctor to see the doctor, examination and assessment
  2. ovulation and egg culture
  3. egg retrieval, sperm retrieval
  4. fertilization
  5. embryo transfer
  6. luteal phase
  7. conceive after normal pregnancy program