DNA paternity testing is the use of the theory and technology of medicine, biology and genetics, the analysis of genetic characteristics, combined with similar characteristics of the offspring and parental morphological structure or physiological function, to determine whether biological relationship between parents and children. Both in North America, or Asia, many families also use DNA testing to eliminate worries or suspicions of many years or even a lifetime. You absolutely have the right to know the truth.

The use of paternity testing

  • Confirm kinship
  • Looking for birth parents
  • Legal purposes
  • Immigration

Advantages of Paternity testing:

  • High accuracy, the accuracy rate can reach 99.99%;
  • Flexible test samples, standard samples: the mouth with a cotton swab, blood. special samples: the amniotic fluid of the fetus, fluff, cord blood stream product, organization, semen, hair (must contain hair root), cigarette butts and other;
  • Anonymous test without a doctor or a lawyer referral.