The majority of foreign patients to Korea seek medical services. Most favor services are mainly dental, orthopedic and physical examination. According to another report, due to the growing number of Asian countries female cosmetic such as Japan, China, "the foreign cosmetic visitors" Contact cosmetic surgery hospital in Seoul started from this year came to South Korea, the South Korean capital city of Seoul. Local governments, Seoul City will be the first to set up a cosmetic surgery Support Center, actively attract medical tourists precedent. Korea Medical Tourism Association, said: medical tourism is concentrated in the cosmetic Seoul City this attempt to achieve better results than the South Korean government is promoting medical tourism industry. The source also said: after the Beijing Olympics, the Chinese medical tourism demand will surge.

    Prevalence of Korea's plastic beauty industry, on behalf of the international forefront of medical technology. According to reports, South Korea's natural facial beauty most popular, including the double eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, face lift face surgery most popular, followed by breast augmentation surgery. Korean high school students to do a survey showed that 60% of people who have surgery desire.

     In South Korea, high requirements for cosmetic doctors, graduates of medical schools, cosmetic professional internship 4 years later, in order to obtain a cosmetic physician vocational qualification, over a few years of work experience to independent clinic. Korea held a cosmetic physician qualified a total of more than 1,000 people each year about 10 million people received cosmetic surgery.

    Korean experts believe that the difficulty of cosmetic technology that the surgical procedure is more sophisticated, as well as a personalized design by the surgeon, to meet the requirements of patients. Patients before selecting doctors carried out a wide range of options, in-depth exchanges with the doctor, together with the overall quality of doctors, few surgical accident. South Korea and China, other Asian race, and aesthetic ideas close, Korean cosmetic surgery is very popular with people welcome.