Peoples to see a oversea doctor often through travel agencies, individuals, overseas students, domestic doctors and foreign medical institutions in the past. This way on the one hand can not ensure the efficiency of the contact, can not guarantee the doctor's skill level, can not ensure that the medical treatment multidisciplinary collaborative problem; on the other hand, for the future treatment of medical disputes planted hidden; the same time, the national health care system, not all hospitals are welcome and reception of international patients, non-formal channels also can not receive the medical treatment of patients should be taken care of.

Hong Kong Viking Medicares Co.Ltd. to establish cooperative relations with many famous Chicago Hospital and Medical Group. Providing chooses and reservations medical experts of the United States treatment for Chinese people (minimum of 5-30 days). The one stop services including hospital appointment, overseas accompanied visa auxiliary , Medical Translation, lodging, meals and transportation arrangements to go abroad to see the doctor.

The United States the authority of treatment

  • Service fee: RMB 60,000


Collected medical records, medical translation, invitation of abroad treatment, visa assistance, U.S. experts select the reservation, airline booking, accommodation arrangements., airport pick-up, medical translation, coordination of multidisciplinary consultation, appointment of the domestic medical experts after returning.

United States treatment regimen:

  1. The patient or the referring physician contacts Viking Medicares for a consultation based on the patient's current condition, symptoms or preliminary diagnosis. If the patient wishes to seek treatment in the US, we will provide suggestions on specific hospitals.
  2. A physician from Viking Medicares' Medical Specialist Community visits the patient to confirm the patient's current situation and medical history.
  3. Viking Medicares translates the patient's medical records and related materials, and then uploads the data into the Partners Premiere online system, which is private and secure.
  4. In Chicago, the Partners Premiere staff makes appointments with physicians at Partners' hospitals.
  5. Viking Medicares provides the patient with interpretation services throughout the whole process, enabling him/her to fully comprehend the entire therapeutic processes and results. Working together, Viking Medicares and Partners HealthCare provide the patient with travel support, including airline booking, airport pickup, and accommodation arrangements.